Sophomores first impression of Davis High

Sophomores are waiting in line for registration.

By Jade Miller
HUB Staff Writer–

Upcoming sophomores pour into the Davis High North Gym on the morning of Aug. 21, not knowing what to expect in the upcoming school year. The new students stand in line to enter the unfamiliar gym and turn in registration forms. Some look anxious, while some stride from station to station in a confident stature.

Fresh-faced sophomores Kathleen Pan and Kalysta Holder answer a few questions while waiting in line to get their school picture taken.

“We’re both nervous and excited because there’s so many new people coming in together, we don’t know what to expect. We feel like we don’t know anyone,” said Pan.

“Yeah, everything is different and we feel like we’re going to get lost,” added Holder.

Getting to know a new school, new people, and new teachers, students including Pan and Holder, admit to feeling nervous and overwhelmed. However, sophomore Daniel Medina has a different perspective.

“I’m definitely hoping that I’ll become friends with almost everyone, I’m very excited to finally be in high school and meet new people […] junior high was really getting on me,” said Medina.

Whether confident or uneasy, the sophomores shuffle across the gym floor passing the booths of juniors and seniors promoting different clubs

Junior Bijan Varjvand, involved in the philosophy club booth, calls sophomores over to the table and try to get them to join.

“It’s pretty interesting. I’ve seen all sorts of new people with new personalities,” said Varjvand.

To lure sophomores to their booth, Varjvand and his some philosophy members brought candy to hand out to sophomores.

“We used the candy to bribe newcomers to our table. Some kids didn’t sign up yet took the candy, but I think it’s a good idea to have that kind of exposure,” said Varjvand.

Whether nervous or excited, it’s important for all new students to keep their heads up so they do not miss any of the amazing opportunities that DHS can provide.

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