New Site Council members are chosen

By Riley Donahue,
HUB Staff Writer–

This year’s Site Council has new representatives that are ready to represent our student body in the upcoming Site Council meetings. The new representatives are seniors Nora Filet, Nathan de Ropp, and Keir Negron.

Site Council is made up of students, staff, parents, and Principal Brown. It is in place to make decisions about the school, and to represent everyone the decisions affect.

Filet is excited to be part of Site Council and is thrilled to be the person that gives voice to the concern of her peers.

“There have been many times where students talk about a situation that makes them unhappy but nothing is done to remedy it,” Filet said. “My eyes and ears are always open when I am on campus and I feel confident speaking out when I believe that something should be changed.”

Ropp is coming into the situation ready to serve the student body as well.

“I’m not coming in with a big agenda of my own. I want other students to come to me with their ideas and concerns,” Ropp said.

Principal Brown is also ready for his first year on Site Council. He think the the system of a representative democracy works out well.

“Stakeholders bring the voice from the people they represent. Their ideas, suggestions and comments drive how we direct our funds so it is important that they are a good representation of our school community. When [Site Council] operates this way, great things happen,” Brown said.

Brown specified one of his goals for the year.

“I am looking forward to hearing the ideas that people bring to the table and seeing how we can make a positive impact on our achievement gap,” Brown said.

Brown hopes he and the new representatives can assimilate into the council and support “what [they] already do very well.”

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