JV field hockey adds to undefeated record

The JV field hockey team huddles up after beating Lassen 9-0 on Sept 25.
The JV field hockey team huddles up after beating Lassen 9-0 on Sept 25.

By Aydan Prime,

HUB Staff–

The DHS JV women’s field hockey team added another victory to their undefeated record this season on Wednesday, with a 9-0 win against the Lassen Grizzlies.

The Devils started out strong, scoring the first goal nine minutes into the game. The Davis team’s defensive players hardly allowed Lassen near the goal at any point during the game, and DHS was able to score again by the time the first half was over.

DHS picked up the pace in the second half of the game, immediately moving towards the striking circle and scoring their third goal within the first minute of the second half. The Blue Devils consecutively scored six times after that, their goalie not letting in a single Grizzly goal. After this win, DHS is 6-0 in its league, with no goals scored on them yet.

Davis goalkeeper Danielle Mentink says that one of their main goals for this game was to beat their own record. “We really wanted to beat our score, which was eight, and is now nine, so this win was important to us as a team,” Mentink said.

The JV team’s coach, Frank Marotti, says that the keys for winning their match were to move well and work as a team. “Ball movement is important for us and getting inside the circle so we can make good shots. Communication is another important aspect for us to win a match, so we’re working on improving that,” Marotti said.

“We started out a bit slow in the first half, but then we were able to score a lot more in the second. I think passing the ball a lot helped us win this,” freshman Sarina Buchannan said. Buchannan scored two out of the nine goals the Devils made.

According to Marotti, the JV team came out of the gate running. “Right now, we are ahead of where we were at this time a year ago, and last year we won the championship. There are about twenty new girls, and they’re all playing like they’ve played for many months,” Marotti said.

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