Student band rocks us through the ages

Crow Canyon members include junior Riley Donahue, Drew Thomsen, and Nathan Puckett. The band played at Homecoming on Oct. 4.
Crow Canyon members include juniors Riley Donahue, Drew Thomsen, and Nathan Puckett. The band played at Homecoming on Oct. 4.

By Valerie Carroll,
HUB Correspondent–

Crow Canyon is a local band consisting of Davis High students. Riley Donahue plays the guitar, Drew Thomsen plays drums, and Nathan Puckett on the bass. The three juniors are talented musicians.

They all met when Donahue and Puckett’s band played at Club Retro. Thomsen was in a separate band at the time called The Hungry.

“I remember everyone left for their show except for me, I stayed. I was the lone audience.” Thomsen said.

Around three weeks later, the boys started their freshman year at Harper Junior High. They then got together in July 2011, but stated they have officially been together since November 2011.

“We started the band just because we all played music and we like each other,” Donahue said.

Donahue, Thomsen, and Puckett all got into music for about the same reasons. Music has influenced them while growing up and they simply enjoyed it. The band also got inspiration from other musicians.

Thomsen, who has been playing drums for five or six years, was inspired by Steve Jordan and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. Donahue’s inspiration came from Dave Grohl.

Crow Canyon has some big hopes for the future and they hope to make it big one day. Puckett can see a career out of his band.

“I feel like in this group, we’re all really great friends outside of it […] if I was to choose a musical outlet to spend most of my time on to make it successful it would be this one,” Thomsen said.

When it comes down to it, Crow Canyon is just three talented friends making music together and they do not have any intentions of stopping anytime soon.

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