Devils elect their 2013 royalty

Dennis Archer, via Wikimedia
Dennis Archer, via Wikimedia

By Kate Lee,
HUB Correspondent–

Homecoming is in the air and that means Davis High has chosen its homecoming court. Among the five girls and five boys on the court, many are in DHS athletics, from football to volleyball to cheerleading.

This year’s senior King and Queen nominees are Matthew Trask and Mackenzie Harrison, Daniel Rowen and Danielle Gantar and Brendan MacDonald and Miranda Steidler.

Trask feels very special to be nominated. In his spare time, Trask plays baseball for DHS and enjoys video games.

“We’ve been dating for almost three and a half years. [Trask] is nice, hardworking and caring,” Harrison said.

Harrison is excited about being nominated. Harrison plays the piano and has been playing varsity volleyball for DHS since sophomore year.

“She is all you can ask for in a girlfriend,” Trask said.

Rowen enjoys all aspects of sports at DHS, whether or not it’s just going to watch a game, or participating in them himself. In his free time, he also likes to build almost anything, from bikes to Legos.

“Something interesting about my girlfriend, [Gantar], is that she never read Harry Potter, which means she didn’t have a proper childhood,” Rowen said.

The coronation of the King and Queen will be at the homecoming varsity football game against Monterey Trail on Friday, Oct. 11.

This year’s junior Prince and Princess are two friends: varsity football player Nathan Curtis and soccer player Annie Leck.

“It’s an honor to win, but it’s a bit awkward,” Leck said.

This year’s sophomore Duke and Duchess are JV quarterback Jack Beckman and his girlfriend, JV cheerleader Camille Johnson.

“I feel honored to represent the class of 2016,” Johnson said.

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