Davis Community Idol reveals new talented voices

The Davis High Advanced Treble Choir harmonizes together in a rehearsal.
The Davis High Advanced Treble Choir harmonizes together in a rehearsal.

By Krystal Lau,
HUB Staff Writer–

Davis Community Idol opened to an excited and supportive crowd on Oct. 12. Holding a wide range of voices, styles, and demeanors, the contestants continued to surprise and amaze the audience throughout the night. By the end of the event, contestant Don Deem was announced the winner, his mature and deep voice giving him a nostalgic charm.

As a fundraiser for the Advanced Treble Choir (ATC), the raised money will go to ATC’s many events scheduled for this year, including a trip to see La Boheme with the Metropolitan Opera and later work with the assistant director of the Metropolitan Opera. Choir Director Karen Gardias is already planning for these trips, and anticipates them as greatly beneficial to the choir.

“It should be a great time. It’s a really worthy cause […] it’s an opportunity for those who may not have performed in public to get that chance,” Gardias said.

Starting the night off with an energetic performance by Red Union Blue, Trena Thompson’s rich smooth voice captured the complicity of the song while Chris Lee’s guitar riffs added an unexpected flair. As the band makes frequent appearances at most Davis events, the crowd quickly caught on and clapped to the beat.

Greeted by an enthusiastic applause led by students, Tim Mascarinas shyly crossed the stage. Interning in the music program under Gardias, many of the ATC choir members convinced him to compete. Though his voice started timid and restrained, when he reached the high, golden point of his voice- he revealed an honest mellow side of falsetto. Singing “All of Me” by John Legend, Mascarinas expertly accompanied his voice with fluid piano runs.

“John Legend is one of my favorite artists right now. I wanted to do something newer and I chose this song because it’s a really personal song and I’m kind of cheesy too,” Mascarinas said.

DaVinci High math teacher Steve Harvey showed his wild side with his rendition of “Reindeer Style”. With a popular Youtube channel, the lyrics of his rapping include topics such as the fiscal cliff. His dance provoked boisterous laughs from the audience, and Judge Jason Squires was left speechless by the act.

“No shame. You have a great stage presence,” Squires said.

People’s choice award winner Aviel Haberman’s engaging tone and quiet confidence helped woo in her audience, but it was her spectacular and flawless transitions from head voice to chest voice that really brought the house down. With a quirky persona and clear indie style, Haberman has successfully created her own fan base in Davis, performing in various restaurants and gigs.

Claiming first prize was Deem, whose version of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” held impeccable tone. With his reflective and grave stage demeanor, the audience appeared to cling to his every word, and every note seemed to flow easily with no effort. Involved in the Davis Chorale and father of 2008 DHS Idol winner, Deem’s life is in the arts.

“I’ve been singing in choirs, in high school, in college, in theater […] I found Community Idol to do some solo work. The music program at the high school is very important…and I’ll keep doing Community Idol,” Deem said.

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