Grant gives JV Devils its first loss

By Josh Kirkland,

HUB Correspondent–

The stands were filled with ecstatic fans cheering proudly, hoping that the JV Blue Devils could keep its undefeated record and win its last home game. With one minute left and at Grant’s 5-yard line, the Devils needed a touchdown to tie the game. Running back Cole Morse made the five yard run for the touchdown, bringing Davis one point away from a tie. Instead of kicking a field goal for one point, the Devils decided to take a risk and try for a two-point conversion. But this failed, and proved to be the action that shattered the dream of an undefeated record.

Davis faced off against the Grant Pacers for the last home game. The Pacers won by a slim margin, 14-13.

The game opened with the Pacers receiving the ball, but they failed to achieve a first down. The Pacers punted the ball back to the Davis for the first Devil possession. Unable to score as well, Davis punted it back to Grant.

Late in the first quarter, sophomore Daniel Medina intercepted the ball, running the Devils halfway to the end zone and setting up a one-yard touchdown run by Morse. The quarter ended 7-0, Blue Devils.

After a successful 37-yard reception by Grant’s Lawrence Hardy that his put team at the Devils’ 20 yard line, the Blue Devils’ defense stopped the Pacers in its tracks, forcing a turnover on downs. Soon after the possession changed, quarterback Jack Beckman tried avoiding the Pacer defense, but ended up running into a referee and causing a fumble that led to a Pacer touchdown. “If the referee was out of the way, we would’ve won!” coach Mike Satre exclaimed. The Pacers successfully scored a two-point conversion, putting them ahead by a single point and ending the first half, 8-7.

With five minutes left of the last quarter, the Pacers managed to score again, but failing to complete the two-point conversion. The Pacers improved its lead to 14, with the Devils behind by just one touchdown.

With one minute left of the game, the Devils were five yards away from a tie. As if a supernatural force answered the call of the desperate Devils, Morse scored the second touchdown, putting them at a fork in the road. Either they play it safe and kick a field goal to tie the game to go into overtime, or take risky road and attempt a two-point conversion to win the game.

With the fans pumped and screaming, as the Devils attempted the two-point conversion, the stands went silent. Grant handed the JV team its first loss of the season.

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