Cooler weather calls for warmer sweaters

Many students are pulling out their sweaters during the cooler season. Photo illustration by Ashley Han.
Students are pulling out their sweaters during the cooler season. Photo illustration by Ashley Han.

By Kacey Hsu,
HUB Correspondent–

Looking trendy is not a top priority for some, but digging out last year’s sweaters to be cozy and warm is. Others, however, wonder: what are the latest fall and winter trends?

Walking into Target around this time of year, the first noticeable things are racks and racks of winter clothing ranging from knit sweaters to scarves and beanies. The aisles are organized by basic solid colored staple pieces to items for people who want to stand out by wearing patterns to stay with fashion trends.

Senior Emmy Kappes loves staying fashionable year round and can be spotted around campus always looking sharp in the season’s trends. Kappes likes to keep track of emerging trends by following Bill Cunningham’s “On the Streets” column in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times.

“In cooler months, I really love to wear my hunter boots, thick scarves, darker lip colors and a statement necklace. [Adding a necklace] instantly brightens up a look,” Kappes said.

Kappes tends to wear clothing with a warmer color palette in the fall but lately has been gravitating towards grays and blacks.

Kappes isn’t the only one following trends; UC Davis student Bella Ly is a member of the Student Fashion Association (SFA). Ly is always have an eye out for what is going on.

“A reliable pair of riding boots that can polish any outfit are essential. I love black and white throughout the year, so I dress it up and make it more appropriate for fall by choosing warm accent colors like burgundy, mustard yellow, and forest green to pair with simple staple pieces,” Ly said.

UCD student Samantha Sawyer is also a member of the SFA.

“Ankle boots, you can literally wear them with everything. [I also] love the idea of wearing whites and creams which are fresh, neutral colors that can be played up with some accessories,” Sawyer said.

Sawyer and fellow SFA member Shelley Wong also mentioned that the latest trends include the idea of multi-textured pieces as well as military jackets which seem to show up in many fashion articles, such as as Cunningham’s column.

Unlike Kappes and SFA members, many students are not as concerned about looking trendy most of the time. Their priority is just keeping warm.

“I want to look fashionable, but keeping myself warm is important! I like to wear an army jacket which is good for blocking the wind. I have a ton of different sweaters to keep me warm, and boots but I like to wear knee socks too which make them cuter,” sophomore Kailani Carlisle said.

Sophomore Chris Marelich and Junior Nikhel Sylvain prefer to keep things simple.

“I like wearing anything burgundy, blue and white in the fall and winter with long sleeves and jeans,” Sylvain said.

Similar to Sylvain, Marelich’s color preferences include navy blue and burgundy for the fall, and greens and blues for the winter.

“I like to keep things simple; I usually wear jeans a light jacket that’ll be enough to block out some of the breeze and wind when I’m going to different classes,” Marelich said.

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