Students save lives with blood donations

The Red Cross Club held their blood drive on Nov.18 just outside of the O-buildings. This year, around 100 students donated blood.
The Red Cross Club held their blood drive on Nov.18 just outside of the O-buildings. Around 100 students donated their blood to the first blood drive of the year.

By Maddy Shippen,
HUB Staff Writer–

On Nov. 18 students all over the Davis High campus fled to the parking lots near the O-buildings to participate in the first blood drive of the school year. The Red Cross club hosts two blood drives a year; one each semester.

The Red Cross club received 115 signups this year, although with no shows and unqualified participants the number was closer to 100. In order to participate in a blood drive you must be 16 or older, over 110 pounds and free of any sickness or disease.

Students that took part in the blood drive went through an hour long process of filling out information, prepping, drawing blood, waiting 15 minutes to recover and eating snacks.

Senior Emily Paciulla is vice president of the club and helped out this year for the second time.

“It’s really cool knowing that some of our time can save people and make a difference,” Paciulla said.

Along with Paciulla junior Mariana Almanza-soto, a member of the Red Cross club, also donated her time to help with the blood drive. Unlike Paciulla, Almanza-soto has never given blood before.

“I’m really scared of giving blood so I felt helping out substituted for that. I plan to next time,” Almanza-soto said.

Every two seconds someone is in the need of blood. A single car accident can put someone in need of three pints of blood. During this blood drive students were only allowed to donate a pint of blood.

Senior Dustin Choi has participated in five blood drives for the satisfaction of doing good and to help others.

“Participating in blood drives allows me to feel good about myself knowing that I’m helping people just by giving a pint of my blood. I try to participate in as many blood drives as I can, because I enjoy blood drives for their cause to help the community,” Choi said.

This years theme was “pay it forward” meaning that you can receive payment for having done something good for someone.

“As long I can give someone the of joy of life that’s all I need for repayment,” Choi said.

The next blood this year will take place in the spring.

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