Symphonic Band sets the stage for succeeding concerts

The Symphonic Band performed their first concert of the year on the night of Nov. 19.
The Symphonic Band performed their first concert of the year on the night of Nov. 19.

By Linda Su,
HUB Staff Writer–

“Something Borrowed” was the theme of the Davis High Symphonic Band’s first concert of the school year. On the evening of Nov. 19, the Richard Brunelle Performance Hall was scattered with parents, students and other audience members who displayed anticipation and excitement for the performance.

The pieces that were selected for the concert were “borrowed” from previous time periods, various cultures and other inspirational university performances.

The most memorable composition was “Ave Maria,” composed by Franz Biebl. The entire band encircled the performance hall lining up against the walls.

Sophomore Anthony DiCarlo was also invited to sing the Latin male chorus that emerged at the beginning and the middle of the piece. The soothing music brought a silence that filled the theater and the lasting effect brought tears to a few audience members.

Although the concert was going to feature a university band in addition to Symphonic Band, the canceled plans did not affect its performance.

“When I told them in October [that the other band was unable to make it], the group was okay and everybody said ‘yeah, let’s do it’,” band director Thomas Slabaugh said.

The hour and a half concert consisted of seven compositions that the band had consistently practiced in advance in order to produce a successful concert.

“We were still fixing things last minute, however, I think all of our hard work paid off,” sophomore Sehyun Hwang said.

According to sophomore Henry Zhang, everything went ceaselessly and performing on stage was an enjoyable experience for him.

Slabaugh is proud of his students and believes that a lot of effort and concentration was put into this performance.

“I thought they did everything really well; they were real attentive and thoughtful in playing. Nobody played ridiculously loud or out of control, and everybody listened like crazy,” Slabaugh said.

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