Job opportunities at the Farmers Market attracts students

Some DHS students, such as senior Maddy Yule, work at booths each week at the farmers market to earn money without the heavy workload of a normal everyday job.
Some DHS students, such as senior Maddy Yule, work at booths each week at the farmers market to earn money without the heavy workload of a normal everyday job.
By Sebastian Gonzales,
HUB Correspondent–

At six o’clock on a cold November morning, senior Madi Yule wakes up to start her day. She puts on some warm clothes, ties up her hair in a ponytail, and heads off to the bakery. By 6:30, she is meeting her co-workers to load all the materials they will need into the truck before heading off to the Davis Farmers Market.

Yule has been working the ‘Davis Bread and Desserts’ booth at the market every Wednesday and Saturday for about five months.

Most students want a job in high school, but with so much time taken by school work, finding a job that fits their schedule can be difficult. Yule however, seems to have found the perfect way to both gain money and still have free time by working at the Farmers Market.

She describes the job as being very convenient and ideal for high school students who are interested in making money because it still leaves ample time for homework given that she has to work only two days a week.

“(On Wednesday) I get out (of school) at 12:10, which lets me get some homework done before work starts at 2:30. Also, I get off early enough that I can study more (after work) if I need to,” Yule said.

Senior Jesus Villanueva works the Ciocolat booth at the Market, has similar thoughts about working there.

“I’ve never found myself feeling like I don’t want to go to work,” Villanueva said.

On top of fitting well into high school student schedules and being very enjoyable, working at the Farmers Market offers great work experience which will be extremely beneficial in the future, according to Davis City Council member Dan Wolk .

“The environment of rich customer service will do them well as they get older. It’s a great experience to have” Wolk said.

Wolk regularly attends the Farmers Market with his wife and daughters.

Six or seven high school students could be spotted working at the market on a recent Saturday morning. So if these jobs seem to be so ideal, why are not more students working there?

Sophomore Henry Zhang uses the Farmers Market to fundraise for his robotics team, says that he does not see a whole lot of high school students shopping there, so perhaps many students do not know about how idyllic of an opportunity it is.

According to Wolk, this is true. He says he notices a lot of young people shopping at the Market, but the majority of them appear to be college students instead of high school students.

Sophomore Eli Inkelas recognizes the convenience and benefits of working at the Farmers Market, but says he is not sure how he would obtain such a job.

“[Working there] seems fun, and you would only have to work two days a week, but I’m not really sure how I would apply for it,” Inkelas said.

Villanueva says that a simple resume to the owner of the booth along with an explanation of what you are interested in is all someone needs to apply for a job.

“The Farmers Market is just composed of a bunch of small businesses that are selling their products. So if you wanted to work for a booth, my best guess would be to find a booth you want to work for and contact the manager,” Villanueva said.

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