“Midnight Memories” shows a new side of One Direction

Wednesday 27 February 2013, Take Me Home Tour. By Fiona McKinlay via Wikimedia Commons
Wednesday 27 February 2013, Take Me Home Tour. By Fiona McKinlay via Wikimedia Commons

By Nathan Curtis,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to the radio in my car. A new song came on, and I really liked the peaceful acoustic guitar riffs and the gentle lyrics the song possessed. It was a big shock to find out that the song was called “Story of my life” and performed by One Direction.

One Direction is a boy band. Boy bands are supposed to be listened to by girls, not guys. If I were ever to be caught listening to One Direction by any of my guy friends, I would never hear the end of it.

However, their new album, “Midnight Memories”, is different from their last ones. One Direction tried experimenting a little bit in “Midnight Memories.” While it is still mainly filled with the pop, boy band-ish songs that made them famous, they included some tracks that call upon elements of music they have never tried before.

“Story of my life” is one of these songs. It is their first track I have heard on the radio that isn’t a jump-up-and-down, dance all night party song. It is a fresh change from “You don’t know you’re beautiful” and “Best song ever.” It also has lyrics that actually make sense.

Another song from this album in the same category as “Story of my life” is “You & I.” This song is acoustic as well, and can even be described as a ballad if you look past the computer-added songs.

I enjoyed these few songs on the album, but all the real die hard 1D fans out there won’t be disappointed. Even though they switched it up a little, the album is still mainly filled with the same type of music that they have always produced.

“Midnight memories”, “Strong”, “Best song ever”, and “Little black dress” are all tracks on the album that will surely grab the hearts of teen girls everywhere.

If this album proves anything, it is that One Direction is moving along as a group. They are trying new things. They want to keep up with the times, and not be forgotten by everyone as if they never even existed.

If there’s one thing they do not want, it is to share the same fate as other boy bands like Boys II Men, New Kids on the Block, and All-4-One. Who are they, you ask? Exactly.

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