Jim Belenis: Davisite sticks to his roots

By Kacey Hsu,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Jim Belenis has lived in Davis almost all his life; being here from when the first stop light in Davis went up, attending Davis High and having his kids attending Davis schools now.

Born in Woodland, only because there was not a hospital in Davis, Belenis had not started attending school in Davis until his sophomore year. He later graduated in 1978 and has lived here ever since.

Some of his times at DHS included being involved in student government, yearbook, HUB, and Key Club. As for sports, Belenis was included in football and wrestling. All the clubs and teams Belenis was in influenced his entire high school experience, and parts would help determine his future.

Belenis enjoyed high school and his favorite classes; chemistry and french, in addition to the sports and clubs. But he soon faced a roadblock that which would set him back a whole year.

“I had to stop school my senior year because I had cancer. I graduated with a different class, yet I felt part of that class because of all the activities I was in,” Belenis said.

After graduating in 1978, Belenis attended UC Davis to play football, one of his high school activities. However, Belenis did not decide to attend UCD based on his education.

“I was young and dumb,” Belenis said.

Although it may not have been the best choice, Belenis graduated in 1982 with a degree in managerial economics.

Following college, Belenis stayed in Davis and became an assistant football coach at UCD.

Aside from football, Belenis’s father had owned a local business. When his father passed away in 1985, he and his sister had to run the business. Belenis and his sister made a deal; both of them would get their masters while the other on worked extra at the restaurant to cover the one in school.

“We wanted to have options. I got my MBA in Finance at night finishing in 1987,” Belenis said.

In addition to the restaurant business, Belenis had to care for his uncle who had down syndrome. His uncle lived with him and his wife until they got married.

“I didn’t really have a choice, but staying in Davis has turned out for the best,” Belenis said.

From being at DHS, Belenis gives credit to his many teachers and peers who had taught him to compromise, instilled a volunteer ethic, and discipline in deadlines.

“Working with people in student government, yearbook, and the HUB helped me see that I liked working with others,” Belenis said

Belenis believes he is a people person, now he has been a stockbroker for over 20 years. Belenis works with people to develop strategies and portfolios for their non-retirement and retirement monies.

Outside of work, Belenis enjoys coaching AYSO and being involved in rotary. He also believes he is a pretty good cook, since he and his wife often make meals from scratch.

Belenis and his wife have three children. One who has graduated from DHS a couple years ago, a sophomore at DHS whom he thinks will enjoy the experience as she is very involved with the school, and a younger son who is in elementary school.

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