New teacher begins second semester

Kelly Christiansen teaches world civilization, psychology, and U.S. history at Davis High.
Kelly Christiansen teaches world civilization, psychology, and U.S. history at Davis High.
By Kacey Hsu, Staff–

Going into her second semester as a Blue Devil is modern world civilization, psychology and U.S. history teacher Kelly Christiansen.

Christiansen previously worked at McNair High School in Stockton, teaching for 9-11 grade students. There she taught geography, world history and U.S. history.

Prior to going into the field of teaching, Christiansen had hoped to become something along the lines of a sports physical therapist or sports trainer. Due to her interest in history, Christiansen pursued a degree in history and wanted to convey how much she enjoyed the subject.

“Aside from writing books or something like that, the best way to [show my interest] is in the classroom. I am actually a Pilates instructor, so that’s how I can still satisfy my other interests,” Christiansen said.

The classes Christiansen is currently teaching are similar to what she taught last year.

“I’m teaching World Civ, a subject very familiar to me since I’ve taught that between that last two years. Psychology is a brand new subject to me but I’m having fun with it because you can mold it and make it how you want it to be. I’m also teaching a U.S. history class and so I get to put into practice what I learned in college because that was my focus,” Christiansen said.

Christiansen’s favorite part about working at Davis High is the conversations students have when getting in depth into an interesting topic. She believes moving from McNair to DHS has definitely been a change, but for the better.

“It’s definitely been crazy, but in a good way, not a bad crazy at all,” Christiansen added.

Christiansen looks forward to continue teaching at DHS and continuing to get to know the Blue Devils on an even deeper level.

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