OPED: Should you go to Barnyard Bash?

Student government posted an informational Barnyard Bash poster around the school. Photo by Krystal Lau.
Student government posted an informational Barnyard Bash poster around the school. Photo by Krystal Lau.
By Krystal Lau,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Lack of participation in school dances has been the constant hulking elephant in the room for as long as anyone can remember. Why plan these elaborate events if only a few stragglers attend?

Students are afraid to go to these social gatherings due to the lack of people who will attend. It’s a roundabout effect.

“People don’t go to dances because people don’t go to dances. If dances were more populated, students would feel more comfortable going,” Student government member Sydney Maguire said.

Davis High students only have so much time on their hands before graduation is just around the corner. People talks about making the most of their high school experience, and that includes everything from trying hot lunch food to seeing what a high school dance is really like! And if you really love Davis High, then raise some school spirit. Since being at the DHS campus every morning for seven hours isn’t enough, come back at night too for the dances!

Barnyard Bash is held on Feb. 21, and with the stress of the new semester, what better way to let your worries go then with a spring-themed dance? Celebrate the renewal of nature with a renewal of DHS spirit.

ASB Treasurer Amani Jones recommends attending the dance for its stress-relieving aspects and a fun filled night.

“Attend dances to escape the workload at school and to have fun with friends! Also, it’s an opportunity to meet new people and create new friendships,” Jones said.

However, the vibes of school dances may not be for everyone. Jones acknowledges that the music played isn’t really her taste, and that the events weren’t always the most interesting.

Nevertheless, being a part of student government has taught her all the work that student government and the DHS community puts into planning a dance. So lend a helping hand to your friends in student government. Show your support for your school by coming. Even if you don’t feel comfortable with new faces surrounding you, it’s time to open those wings of your inner social butterfly and make a new friend. No one ever said, “I regret making friends”.

Dance to some new music that you normally wouldn’t listen to, let your inner dance spirit out in your love for your school.

Maguire advises the dance for fun and social purposes as well.

“We spend so much time stressing about schoolwork and extracurricular activities that we sometimes need a fun night to let loose,” Maguire said, “It’s also a great way to hangout with that special guy or girl you’ve been eyeing.”

Maguire wants to see some improvement in dances- on your part. A changeup in the usual dance routines is greatly needed. The impetus for a dance revolution is on your shoulders! Break out that cool move you’ve been practicing in your bedroom mirror for months. It’s time to for “the cha-cha slide to hang up its coat and retire,” Maguire said.

DHS needs you to raise some school spirit for this super awesome community you live in. Don’t be that partypooper that tells his grandson he never attended a dance back in his high school days because he was too scared. Break out those dance pants and attend Barnyard Bash!

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