Girls on the gridiron

By Hannah Musgrove, Staff–

The clash between the juniors and seniors, while light-hearted and fun, was nearly cutthroat and incredibly entertaining.

“There was a lot of talk before the game,” said junior Claire Dicker of the rivalry between her and her sister, senior Eva Dicker who played on the opposing team.

“Oh yeah a lot of smack talk, all good fun though,” said Eva of the sister vs. sister showdown. “It added a little personal touch on it, I tried not to like tackle her by accident.”

Junior Brooke Rosenblum scored the first touchdown for the juniors with assist made by quarterback Emily Rogers. The juniors were ahead of the seniors 6-0 at the half.

The tension between the teams was very evident at the half. “You guys haven’t won yet, go home!” Brooke Palmer shouted across the sideline at the junior rivals.

The male cheerleaders performance included some twerking, hair flipping and even an impressive pyramid all to a flashy and exhilarating mash-up of the latest top 40. They definitely gave the cheerleaders a run for their money.

As soon as the second half began, despite a good natured attempt at a touchdown by Chelsea Sacramento who ran towards the wrong end zone, the game’s momentum shifted in favor of the seniors

In the next play senior quarterback Kaitlyn Lagatutta scored a rushing touchdown from nearly mid-field to tie the game.

With only one minute left on the clock the seniors scored yet another touchdown which caused them to jump into the lead position.

“Having those touchdowns back to back and then the interception was a lot of excitement, the whole second half was just fun,” said senior coach CK Hicks.

The juniors came back and scored a touchdown in the final 4 seconds of the second

Junior Brittany Aldredge helps the junior team achieve their first touchdown.
Junior Brittany Aldredge helps the junior team achieve their first touchdown. Photo by Ashley Han

half to bring the game to a final score of 15-16, seniors.

“My favorite part was when we won! The seniors won! Yeah, I liked that part,” said Davis High Principal William Brown.

“It was a little hectic at times but it was good, came out with a victory that’s all that matters,” said Hicks of the team effort.

After eight practices the teams, especially the seniors, came together as a unit which was very evident on the field.

“We all knew what we had to do better, we were really good at communicating, I think it all came together,” said Eva.

“Some girls didn’t know each other but like once we practiced together and got used to it, it was wonderful and we’re like a big family now,” said Brown.

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