REVIEW: Jenners release first, although unimpressive, novel

The cover of “Rebels: City of Indra”, which was released on June 3.

By Sarah Garrett, Editor–

Kendall Jenner, 18, and Kylie Jenner, 16, recently made their literary debut with the releasing of their first ever novel, “Rebels: City of Indra” last week.

The sisters have been working on this dystopian thriller for the past two years. The story is about two girls, Lex and Livia, who live in a futuristic world where the rich and privileged live in the sky while the poor live in tunnels beneath the surface of the earth.

Lex lives in the poor area below the earth, while Livia lives in the sky surrounded by wealth but is governed by strong discipline. Neither of the girls are fond of their lifestyle, and it is when they both encounter a young man named Kane do they meet one another. Together, they embark on a dangerous adventure to find Kane but they learn that they may be more closely related than they originally thought.

Although the book was thought to be along the lines of “The Hunger Games,” that is certainly not the case. While mildly entertaining, this novel has little character development, an endless plot and is all around confusing.

The ending is predictable, and the plot seems to go on and on without much of a point to many of the scenes. While the ideas surrounding the story could have been interesting, it was written in such a choppy and predictable way that it was hard to enjoy.

The Jenners never actually admitted to writing the story on their own either. They gave a lot of credit to the suspected “ghost writer” Maya Sloan.

There is a possibility of a sequel to the novel too. If there is, hopefully it can prove to be of a bit more literary value than the first.


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