REVIEW: Sweet and Shavery will have you craving more

By Lanna Kozlowski, Staff –

Sweet and Shavery is just what you would expect; eighteen different colorful flavors to

choose from, endless combinations and a choice of frozen custard topping. The possibilities are


With seating for around fifteen customers, you will be hard pressed to find indoor seating

next to the cow decoration or the brightly painted pink and yellow walls. The location, however,

makes up for that.

Sweet and Shavery, located at 210 E Street, is perfectly situated near Chipotle and Baskin

Robins. The fountain and outdoor seating area provides a great place to gobble up your Italian

ice treat.

The shop offers flavors varying from chocolate to sour blue raspberry to mango. Top

your treat with a choice of vanilla or chocolate frozen custard and you will have a mound of

sugary goodness even the Cookie Monster would be jealous of!

Can’t decide which flavor you want? Sweet and Shavery has a long list of laminated

cards taped down on the counter of their most popular combinations. With creative names like

Airhead, Almond Joy and 4th of July, you are sure to find the perfect pairing.

At first glance the three sizes offered, small, medium and large, do not seem very big at

all; and they definitely do not seem worth the $4.00 for a medium with custard. However, I was

pleasantly surprised with how filling it was. The custard is definitely something you want to add

if you are in the mood for a sweet and creamy treat.

Owners Brian Nuss and Lindsay Phan have done a great job opening up something other

than another frozen yogurt place in Davis. Unlike most shops downtown, Sweet and Shavery is

open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.


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