Students Plans for Summer 2014

By Emily Kim, Staff –


It’s the last week of school, and an excitement for summer is quickly rising.  Finals are almost over, and we can practically taste the freedom, the sweet air of liberty is prominent.

DHS students seem to have unique and interesting summers planned. Junior Tina Simpson plans on traveling and attending a theatre program in Oregon she had wanted to attend for a long while.

“This summer I’m heading to Dole in France with the exchange program through the school and then staying in Paris an extra week. Then later in the summer, I’m going to an intensive theatre program at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland […] The application process was pretty thorough and nerve-wracking, so I’m insanely excited for the payoff,” Simpson said.

For seniors, this is the last summer before leaving for college, and many plan on using this summer as opportunity to relax and create memories with high school friends.

“I am just extremely excited to be able to hang out with people before going off to college. I’m hoping to have a lot of fun times including some outdoor adventures and other… stuff. It’ll will be nice not to have any tests or essays to worry about, and really just relaxing and enjoying some free time,” senior Brendan MacDonald said.

MacDonald also plans on traveling and training.

“I am going to Ireland for three weeks. We’ll be hiking 120 miles throughout the countryside and reconnecting with family roots. Other than that, mostly workouts, getting ready for football next season,” MacDonald said.

Senior Meaghan Murphy plans on spending her summer in Davis and volunteering at a hospital in Sacramento.

“I look forward to cherishing every moment I have left here in Davis and making awesome memories,” Murphy said.

Siblings Sarah Cordano, a sophomore, and Lauren Cordano, a senior, are planning on using the summer to go on an annual backpacking trip for the last time before Lauren leaves.

“I’m going on a six day backpacking trip in July, and I’m really excited for that mostly because it’s the last time I’ll go with my my sister before she leaves for college,” Sarah said.

Although seniors plan on using the summer as a time to make memories and relax, juniors plan on keeping busy over the summer.

“I’m traveling a lot this summer. At the end of June I’ll be going to Italy and touring the country with the DHS Baroque ensemble. In July, my family and I will be down in SoCal and we are going on a cruise to Alaska in August,” junior Linda Li said.

Junior Matt Meyers is going on a school trip to Nicaragua for three weeks.

“I’m really looking forward to learning a different perspective about other students my age,” Meyers said.

Sophomores and seniors don’t have this worry, but it is now the time for juniors to start on college applications. Junior Hirra Akhtar plans on both getting a head start on the college application process, as well as keeping busy by helping the community.

“I’m planning on keeping busy this summer. Between volunteering and working, I probably won’t have time for much else, but I still plan on scheduling some down time to relax and get ahead on my college apps,” Akhtar said.

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