By Owen Yancher and Will Bodendorfer Staff–

An open lunch provides many students with a new sense of freedom they didn’t have their previous three years. The ability to venture off campus is an added perk only available at Davis High.

Some students use this opportunity to put their drivers licenses to use and
drive to lunch at local restaurants, while others choose to take the sophomore walk. Still, a large portion of students choose to stay on campus during lunch.

“I don’t have a driver’s license so I usually eat on campus,” junior Ray Young said. “There’s a lot less variety because you can’t go downtown or out by Panda Express.”

Students who do have their own cars and licenses take advantage of open campus lunch by driving to eat wherever they want.

“Since I got my license in February this year, I’ve driven to lunch literally almost every day,” said junior Tommy McTygue.

Certain restaurants in town can get particularly congested during DHS lunch hours (11:54am-12:35pm) from both adults and students.

“Places like In-n-Out can get really crowded so I prefer going to some of the quieter places like Taqueria El Burrito downtown,” McTygue said.

For students without cars, the sophomore walk is a good option for students who’d like to get off campus for a change. Only a five minute walk from campus, the sophomore walk, also referred to as “The Walk,” features five main food options.

“I usually eat at Dosirak when I go on the walk,” Young said. “It’s a lot cheaper and faster than Guadalajara.”

Aside from the Korean BBQ Dosirak , there is also Quickly, a Japanese fast food chain popular for its Boba Tea, Ding How, a Chinese restaurant, Save Mart, Dickey’s BBQ Pit ,and Taqueria Guadalajara, which is part of the Davis Taqueria chain. More experienced students call in their orders to Quickly and Taqueria on the walk to avoid waiting for their food.

“It’s really nice to have the opportunity to eat off campus during lunch,” McTygue said, “But on the other hand, it can get pretty expensive.”

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