DHS varsity football comes through with the first win of the season

By Julia Curtis,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

As the time on the clock ran out, the Davis High varsity football team jumped and cheered with excitement. Their 36-21 win against Edison of Stockton was the first of the season for the team.

With quarterback Quinn Williams out for the season with a leg injury and senior Nathan Curtis out for one game with a head injury, a lot of players on the team were able to step up and greatly contribute to the win.

In the first quarter, Davis moved the ball many times down the field with long runs by junior Cole Morse and senior Wally Perez. Unfortunately, the drives ended with interceptions inside the Edison 10 yard line.

Davis finally got on the scoreboard when senior Nash Nunes and sophomore Tucker Fisk tackled the Edison ball carrier in the end zone for a safety. The first quarter ended with Davis up 2-0.

In the second quarter, Morse scored the first touchdown on a one yard run and senior Matthew Meyers was able to make the point after attempt which made the score 9-0.  Meyers went three for three in point after attempts during the game.

The Devils’ defense was solid until the Edison quarter back connected on a 40-yard pass. The pass set up an eight-yard run which gave Edison their first touch down of the game.

Davis rebounded quickly when Tucker Fisk caught a 34-yard pass and broke three tackles en-route to a touchdown to make the score 16-7.

With only two minutes remaining till the half ended, Edison continued to march down the field. Another long pass by Edison resulted in a 55 yard touchdown which 52 seconds remaining on the clock. Half time ended with a score of 16-14 in favor of Davis.

The second half saw the offenses of both teams come alive.  Davis struck first when Morse had a 55-yard run to the Edison two-yard line. Junior quarterback Jack Beckman then drove it into to end zone on a quarterback sneak. Making the score 23-14.

It did not take Edison long to score a touch down off of a 27 yard run. Davis’ defense seemed to be getting tired and Edison was able to capitalize on that by making the score a very close game of 23-21 but with Davis still in the lead.

Not to be outdone , the Davis offense continued to push the Edison defense around. With the line play of Nate Ortiz, Trent Hart, Benjamin Gore and Nick Amoah moving the Edison line, Morse and Perez were able to rip off long runs. Culminating in a seven yard dash by Perez to make the score 30-21.

“I couldn’t have done it without the line. They did it all basically,” Perez said.

Edison continued to run the ball well. Advancing the ball down Davis’ 12 yard line. Davis’ defense stepped up and forced a fumble. Recovering the ball and ending the Edison drive. The third quarter ended with a score of 30-21

The fourth quarter was the same with both teams moving the ball but this time neither team was able to find the end zone. All until Davis got the final touch down of the game with one minute remaining. Beckman pushed the ball across the goal line on a quarterback sneak for the second time in the game.

“I think this will catapult us and give us some confidence and be able to feel like we can push people around and get after people and that’s what we did tonight,” coach and former Blue Devil Bob Ghazanfari said.

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