HOMECOMING: ‘Murica Monday

Senior Jared Mcnece shows off his 'Murica Monday apparel.
Senior Jared Mcnece shows off his ‘Murica Monday apparel.

By Emma Harris,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

A red, white and blue full body leather suit. American flags worn as capes. T-shirts, shorts, bandanas, bows, socks, and all kinds of hats bearing a resemblance to the American flag. This year’s spirit week for homecoming kicked off today with ‘Murica Monday at Davis High School.

In true spirit of ‘Murica Monday, Devon Hayakawa sung the American National Anthem during the rally. Hayakawa’s performance was met with resounding applause by the entire student body.

“I dressed up because I was born on the Fourth of July and it’s awesome,” sophomore Alena Alvarez said of todays spirit day.

“I don’t have an american flag but if I did I would have worn it,” teacher Rachel Doller said.

Doller came dressed in a white cardigan, a red shirt and blue jeans.

Like Doller, most people dressed up halfheartedly, if at all. Sophomore Christian Mccoy came dressed in a white tank top with very, very, thin blue and red lines.

“I heard that I’d get free candy if I dressed up, and I like to support my country.” Mccoy said.

Junior Greg Rhonstock just completely forgot to dress up this morning but will make more of an effort later.

“The rest of the week I’ll be dressing up,” Rhonstock said.

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