HOMECOMING: Toga Tuesday

Graphic by Sam Eaton.
Graphic by Sam Eaton.

By Sean Gellen,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

On Sept. 22, there was a pep rally in honor of homecoming and to get the school pumped up for the big game on Sept. 26. At the rally student government introduced all of the spirit days and what students are supposed to wear for that particular day.

On Tuesday, students wore togas to show of their school spirit and to show support for the football teams game against Elk Grove.

In the quad on Monday, kids who did not know how to wrap their Greek togas, were taught how by the experts in student government.

Throughout the day, students wore all sorts of togas from a basic white toga to a colorful blue toga. Some students enjoy dressing up for spirit week.

“I just love this school and I love to show my spirit through wearing a toga on Toga Tuesday” sophomore Joaquin Pierce said.

While other kids love to dress up for spirit week, some students only like dressing up for some days.

“I am really not a toga guy myself, I prefer to dress up for days like what not to wear Wednesday or all blue Friday” sophomore Greg Silver said.

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