HOMECOMING: Pep band prepares for game

By Roland Li,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

It is well-known that every year the Davis High Pep Band leads the homecoming parade and performs at the homecoming game. With almost 100 students, pep band is the biggest musical group at DHS.

Band teacher Thomas Slabaugh is working with pep band in preparation for Homecoming.

“The main difference between the parade and game is that we’re inviting freshman to help play with us at the game,” Slabaugh said.

Adding the freshman, approximately 150 students will play at the homecoming game.

Senior Nick Bachand, one of the leaders of the pep band, is trying hard to make the pep band’s performance a good one.

“It will be pretty similar to last year but I am really working to introduce new songs this year,” Bachand said.

Sophomore Ethan Tang plays saxophone in the pep band and plans to play in the pep band for years to come.

“Pep band is really fun and a good experience. The band leaders are really nice,” Tang said.

The pep band will be playing a variety of pieces including Bully, Crazy Train and Holiday at the Homecoming parade and game.

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