HOMECOMING: Throwback Thursday

By Eton Tuttle,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Davis High’s homecoming week festivities rolled into Thursday even if the weather wasn’t ready for it. The theme: Throwback Thursday. For those who don’t know, Throwback Thursday is a day to dress up as someone from the past.

Throwback Thursday (TBT) was kicked off when the rain finally made an over-due return to Davis after a long sabbatical. For some, the weather rained on their “TBT” hopes.

“I was going to dress up to show off my Blue Devil spirit but the rain ruined my plan,” sophomore Ronnie Leymaster said. Leymaster was going to dress up as an ACDC member but instead donned a DHS sweatshirt.

But the rain didn’t stop everyone as sophomores Anika Kingsley and Rowan Hart were determined to show their Blue Devil pride.

“Absolutely not, Blue Devil pride rain or shine!” Kingsley said. Kingsley showed up as Alan a character played by Zach Galifianakis from the 2008 film The Hangover.

Hart took a different path for TBT than Kingsley as he dressed as himself from 2007. He sported a hockey jersey from back in his seven-year-old days. The hockey jersey had a Rockansim logo on the front and seemed a little tight since Hart has grown since 2007.

“I knew it was Throwback day, and the gloomy weather brought me back to my hockey days, when I was a seven-year-old stud so I went with it.”

Spirit week ends tomorrow with Freakishly Blue Friday, followed by the parade and the homecoming game.

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