HOMECOMING: What not to wear Wednesday

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By Marisa Ransdell
Bluedevilhub.com Staff-

What not to wear day is a fun excuse for students to dress as crazy as possible. On Sept. 24 a large portion of the student body of Davis High showed their school spirit by actively participating in this event.

“My name is ‘Evanne’ today,” senior Evan Sierras said as he twirled around the hallway in his navy blue dress.

Many other DHS boys got creative this Wednesday as well, from dresses to short shorts.

Many girls dressed up as well, pulling their inspiration from different sources.

“We were inspired by clashing colors and patterns,” senior Claire Dicker said.

She and her friends had all dressed up in a similar fashion, covering themselves in brightly colored and heavily patterned clothes.

“To be honest there was no inspiration behind my outfit,” senior Kelsey McMorrow said. “I just picked a random item from each of my family member’s closets.”

McMorrow and senior Annie Leck coordinated their outfits with matching umbrella hats and colorful tutus.

Not a tremendous amount of people came to walk the runway at the days fashion show, held in the DHS quad at lunch, however the people behind the red carpet were very enthusiastic. Junior Melissa Herrera, member of the student lunch time and spirit week committee, was in charge of the microphone, encouraging others to come and join them to show off their school spirit.

“This is our first time doing the fashion show because it’s our first time doing ‘what not to wear’ day,” Herrera said. “We don’t like repeating activities.”

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