Students prep for SAT without taking courses

Photo by Ashley Han.
Photo by Ashley Han.

By Emily Kim, Staff–

At times, it seems like taking an SAT preparatory class is a given at Davis High. Many people do not stop to think of how students who cannot afford the pricey classes or simply did not take them prepare for the SAT, which has a large part in determining which undergraduate school they will be attending.

Senior Tess Van Schor has taken the SAT test once before, and did not take any preparatory classes due to financial concerns. Van Schor focused on preparing for the test on her own.

“[Not taking classes] didn’t have a negative impact on my studying. I think I was prepared because I studied the Barron’s book and did all the practice question,” Van Schor said.

Senior Juliana Zats-Watkin also chose not to take classes because of the financial aspect.

“I just thought it was a waste of money, especially because I can study by myself. I took practice tests at home,” Zats- Watkin said.

However, although Zats-Watkin chose to study on her own, she said that it probably would have been better for her to take a class.

“In hindsight, I should have taken a class because it would have forced me to study more, but I don’t think the class is necessary to succeed,” Zats- Watkin said.

Junior Elizabeth Solomon agrees with Zats-Watkin.

“Everyone studies in different ways, and I don’t think [the class] is necessary to succed. There’s no write or wrong way to study, it depends on the independent student,” Solomon said.

Solomon chose not to take the classes because the PSAT has helped her prepare for the test.

“I also have the SAT prep book where I’m learning test taking skills and doing practice questions, so it should be fine,” Solomon said.

The moral of the story is that SAT classes are not necessary to do well on the test so if you do not take them, it is not the end of the world.

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