Student employees give tips to struggling teen workforce

Senior Lauren Hupe works at Dos Coyotes. Photo by Krystal Lau.
Senior Lauren Hupe works at Dos Coyotes.

By Krystal Lau, Staff–

From helping children flip across a springboard to cooking up hamburger patties, teenage job opportunities are diverse and fulfilling. Many students at Davis High have found a job as soon as school started to suit their interests and talents. When asked how they accomplished this feat, they share their tips to securing the job.

Senior Joe Lanoue, working at Taco Bell, recommends perfecting the first impression, a component very key in acquiring the job.

“Always remember to look the boss into their eyes and shake their hand with a firm, but not too firm, handshake,” Lanoue said. “I pretty much work most of the time. I know everything there is to know about that job and it’s a great environment.”

The time to nab that coveted job may be now. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, payroll employment rose by 214,000 in Oct. 2014. Jobs applicable to teenagers such as retail trade added 27,000 jobs in Oct. as well. With all these job openings, businesses may be willing to hire high school students that sell themselves well.

Working at Dos Coyotes, for senior Lauren Hupe having a friend or family member on the inside does help. Although Hupe got lucky and happened to turn in her application while the manage was present, she has generously acted as an inside connection to many of her friends.

“I’ve gotten four people hired since I’ve worked at Dos Coyotes! I don’t get to see friends and family as much, and I miss out on some activities, but in the end I’m making money so it’s worth it to me!” Hupe said. “[Having a job] gives me an outlet outside of school and cheer where I can meet many different and fun people. Plus, it allows me to feed my caffeine addiction.”

Appearances also played a large part in senior Nikhel Sylvain’s life. Going in without any inside contacts, Sylvain attributes his success partly to look, and partly to good first impressions.

“I found it was the luck of the draw that got me my job. The manager immediately liked my hairstyle, how I presented myself, and my loud voice. [The head manager] basically hired me on the spot,” Sylvain said. “For the first time I realize time is money… But I’ve found it’s harder to save then anticipated.”

Students also have a wide variety of resources to help them secure a job. Junior Sierra Marie attended a City of Davis workshop to learn about Davis teen jobs and meet some of their advisers. By the end of the workshop, she realized her passion for working with children and decided to apply for an Inclusion Leader position, working with special needs children. Marie recommends creating a resume ahead of time, cleaning up any incriminating social media posts, and dressing professionally.

“The most important thing [however] is to be yourself and let your unique qualities shine. My job affected my lifestyle in many ways,” Marie said. “I was able to earn money for college and
have an immense amount of fun in the process. It also gave me experience which will surely impact what I choose to do in the future.”

There’s more rewards to Lanoue’s job than just cash. Through working he has learned to overcome his timidity, build his communication skills, and learn how to handle money.

“I have learned to talk very fluently and well with people through it. I used to have a problem with talking to people and looking them in the eyes but my job has helped me out with that. I’ve learned to handle the money there as well as my own. I used to blow every bit of money as soon as I got it. But I have learned to use it wisely,” Lanuoe said.

“Having a job can be fun but also stressful… You have less free time and it also keep you busy. [But] you can provide for yourself when you want to. Being young and having a job is great because most people don’t have to pay rent or taxes yet [and] may not pay for their own phone bill, so you can save your money and also have some left over to spoil yourself a bit,” Lanuoe said.

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