Narrow defeat for men’s varsity water polo

By Tarin McMorrow, Staff–

Despite a great effort by the Davis High men’s varsity water polo team the Jesuit Marauders came out with the close 17-15 win on the Oct. 28 game at the Schaal Aquatic Center.

Although this game meant a lot to the players, it does not diminish the success of their season. While they may not be going into the playoffs first see, the Devils still have a shot to move forward in the tournament.

One minute in, the  Devils passed the ball around Jesuit, making their way down the pool when, a second later, the ball is hurled from the hand of a Davis player, blows past the goal keeper and claims the first score. The throw was made by sophomore Cameron Wright, the first of his seven shots to hit the back of the net in the game.

Less than two minutes later, the Marauders are able to tie up the score at 1-1. They continue along this good streak and nearing the end of the first quarter the Marauders held a 5-3 lead over Davis.

Going into the second quarter the game resembles a ping pong match as the ball glides up and down the pool from player to player. Scores for both teams continuously add up throughout the seven minute period in the unusually high scoring game.

With just over a minute left in the second quarter, Nick Masson, sophomore player for the Blue Devils, scored his fourth goal of the night, tying up the game 8-8. The excitement, however, was short lived, when just 30 seconds later Jesuit made their ninth goal. Not to be outdone, Wright scored his third goal of the game to end the half.

The rival schools have always proven stiff competition for one another, placing more pressure on their players than usual. “Playing Jesuit there is a lot more adrenaline pumping through my body so I’m not really nervous when I play them, more psyched,” Wright said.

Tied at 11-11, the team was shocked by double kick out well into the third quarter. Matt Blackwell of Davis and a Jesuit player were simultaneously ejected from the game. With one second left in the quarter, another Jesuit player is ejected for the rest of the game. The penalty shot, taken by Wright, went to the left corner of the net and put Davis one point behind with a score of 12-13 entering the final quarter.

Early in the fourth, Wright scored another penalty shot on the Marauders abandoned keeper.  “I’m anticipating which way the goalie’s gonna jump,” Wright said, “When the ref blows his whistle I look at him and try to read his eyes and his body motion and I shoot the opposite way that I think he’s going”.

With beautiful shots and outstanding saves by Davis goal keeper, Jeff Stark, the Devils put up a great fight, but in the end Jesuit proved victorious, leaving with a respectable 17-15 win.

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