J.V. volleyball closes season out with win against Monterey Trail

By Denna Changizi,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

The Davis High women’s J.V. volleyball team won its last game of the season in two sets on Nov. 4 against Monterey Trail.

The girls kept strong lead throughout the entire game, and were always cheering each other on.

“I’m stoked, last game and we won by a lot. Everyone played their heart and left everything on the court. We showed how much we improved,” Middle blocker Mitra Varjavand said.

The game began with a serve by Alison Chambers leading the girls into their first point. Davis quickly escalated to the 22 point, made when a player from Monterey Trail stumbled and hit the ball into the net.

Davis quickly won the first half with a score of 25-7. The second half began with multiple jump-start serves by Abbie DeWit.

DeWit was subbed out, 8 points into her serve, once she missed a serve, accidentally stepping on the yellow line before hitting the ball.

“It’s a great win to end season…great to see how far the girls have come,” coach JordanFriend said.

Only minutes into the second half, Sami Esquivias’s loud spike is heard through the gym, causing parents to cheer the lady Blue Devils.

Davis won the second half 25-10 when Monterey Trail hit the ball out on match point.

“I feel proud to be on such an amazing team since we played pretty well tonight,” sophomore Mackenna Herezog said, grateful for the large crowd watching.

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