Harmony in Our Lives concert raises funds

Members of the Advanced Treble Choir practice their songs in order to prepare for concerts. Photo by Allie Romero.

By Yrenly Yuan,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

The twenty-sixth Harmony in Our Lives Davis Music Benefit Show took place on Nov. 16, in a celebration of local music talent and in order to raise funds and awareness for the Davis School Arts Foundation.

The Harmony in Our Lives concert is presented by the West Valley Chorus to spread appreciation for music throughout the community.

The annual Harmony in Our Lives award was presented to Maquette Kuper, in recognition of her contributions to music patrons in Davis. Kuper, a local flute teacher, has been teaching privately for the last 30 years and founded the Davis Youth Flute choir in 1983, which has travelled to perform internationally in both Korea and Japan.

The performance itself included acts by the West Valley Chorus, a local chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, the Davis Children’s Chorale, the Holmes Junior High School Chorus, the Advanced Treble Choir, and the Jazz Choir.

The Harmony in Our Lives concert was the first for sophomore and ATC member Arielle Fletter. Fletter said that she enjoyed “getting a chance to perform the songs [the choir] has worked so hard on.” Fletter added that she was glad to have performed in tonight’s performance because “it is a fundraiser for the music program and gave people the chance to listen to all the different styles of choirs.”

The DHS Jazz Choir performed well, signing pieces ‘Once Medley’, ‘Orange Colored Sky’ and ‘Lights’ at the concert.

Senior Abby Shade said she particularly liked performing with the Jazz Choir because “performing is always a fun experience because the people are so awesome, and we are all more concerned with having a good time than getting every note and move absolutely perfect.”

Her favorite part of the night was listening to the other performers with her friends.

“Overall, it was a really fun performance. I’m glad I got to be a part of it,” Shade said.


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