Into the Woods draws large crowd

By Ellen Finn, Staff–

Davis High Drama’s production of Into the Woods wrapped up it’s final show on Saturday evening with success, having the majority of the six shows nearly sold out.

Into the Woods is a musical written by Steven Sondheim that blends various fairy tale stories with a few adult themes and plenty of humor. DHS performed the piece just two months before Walt Disney Pictures will release a film adaptation of the play to theaters everywhere.

Senior Sarah Green, co-director of the musical, has been acting since the 7th grade and played a vital role as co-director, choreographer and the Baker’s Wife in the popular musical. As the rehearsal went on, Into the Woods director Gwyneth Bruch gave Green more and more artistic freedom and power to choreograph scenes and direct other actors.

“When I lead peers in anything, especially a show, I will admit I’m pretty strict and proactive,” Green said. “But I think that it’s necessary to act professional and expect professionalism out of the cast […] though some disagree teens are sometimes the most capable of acting in a professional sense.”

While this was Green’s first time in a DHS production and her first time choreographing for an official musical (she’s participated in 27 shows with Davis Musical Theatre Company, River City Theatre Company and Young Actors Theatre Camp), she says it was “by far the best show [she’s] ever been in and would not change [her] experience for the world.’”

Green and fellow actor senior Aaron Hirst agree that the best part about partaking in the production was the cast as a whole.

“This team was my favorite group of people I’ve ever worked with,” Green said. “The fact that we all became so close, that they were all so open to me leading them was amazing because that doesn’t always happen.”

DHS’ production of Into the Woods received high praise from the Davis Enterprise, especially for it’s elaborate set, designed and created by senior Eden Tomich.

Scott Ragsdale, DHS parent and community member, remarked that Into the Woods “is exceptional for its stage, for the mature and subtle performances of its actors and for its music,” according to the Davis Enterprise.

“Whether it be as a performer, as an individual, as a friend, I watched everyone’s ability and skill level rise,” Green said. “And let’s just be completely honest…the worst part of it all is that we only have two weekends of performances!”

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