Excited contestants look forward to DHS Factor

Acapella group Ethnic Diversity plans their performance during a last minute rehearsal.
Acapella group Ethnic Diversity plans their performance during a last minute rehearsal. Photo by Nathan Woo.
By Krystal Lau,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

DHS (Davis High) Factor, the annual talent show, will occur on Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. in the IPAB. A fundraiser that features not only singing but also dancing, instrumental music and other unique abilities, DHS Factor has been a crowd-pleaser, raising money for trips such the student government New York City field trip this past year.

The hard rock band Avocet will be playing “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift. Senior Zach Brown, the drummer, feels only excitement for their performance.

“I’m not nervous,” Brown said. “We chose the song because it’s well-known and fun to add our own twist to […] all of us have been listening to the song over and over again. Taylor Swift is by far my second favorite artist.”

To prepare for the event, Avocet has had biweekly practices on Avocet Street, where they have set up in Brown’s garage. With so many practices and rehearsals, bass player Josh O’Guinn has immersed himself completely in music.

“I like to play music, I like to write music. I write the chord projections for the band and play bass,” O’Guinn said.

This is not O’Guinn’s first time performing in front of a large crowd, and stage fright is not a problem for him. With performances in Picnic Day and the 2013 DHS Factor under his belt, O’Guinn is experienced and excited.

“I want to be in the music industry when I grow up,” O’Guinn said.

Brown also sees a career in music ahead of himself.

“Ideally I would tour the world in a band with friends. But realistically I would want to work with other artists […] recording, writing, producing record labels,” Brown said. “People have liked our music in the past. Performing for me is fun, it’s about the playing, not really being hear […] I would hate not being able to play music,” Brown said.

Recalling his first time playing in front of his peers, Brown remembers the joy he felt at the positive feedback.

“We did the talent show in ninth grade. We went in not expecting anything, so that’s why the applause at the end felt super cool,” Brown said.

Also at DHS Factor, junior Ben Simmons will be performing with junior Isolde Pierce, playing “The Only Exception” by Paramore.

According to Simmons, having the opportunity to share his talent with others was one of the most alluring benefits of being a contestant.

“I’m excited for this because I love to perform; it gives me a chance to share my art!” Simmons said.

Many students enjoy this show in particular because of the diversity in its performances. While other similar events such as DHS Idol also act as a fundraiser for the school and show exceptional talents, DHS Factor allows for more types of talents other than singing; former 2013 competitor Xavier Berkeley performed a break dance.

“A cool aspect of DHS factor is that it covers a broad range of talents amongst many different students,” Simmons said.

Although Pierce is slightly nervous, she feels that practice will make perfect, and that overall the experience will be a fun one.

“I’ve performed a fair amount of times in front of people but probably not this many. I’m nervous but excited!” Pierce said.

Last year the turnout was about 50 people. Junior and master of ceremonies Maya Krishnan enjoyed DHS Factor last year, as she feels that the smallness of the group allowed for heightened bonding.

During their first times competing in a DHS event, Maya Krishnan and Dante Rivard won first place last year as sophomores with a thrilling refrain and guitar accompaniment.

Krishnan hopes that later contestants will repeat her success.

“I learned to take things easy. I got really nervous before I went on last year but once I got on stage I forgot about my nerves,” Krishnan said. “I learned to just let yourself get into the music, and the nerves will go away.”

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