Men’s J.V. basketball opens season with win against Napa

By Ben Liu, Staff–

The Davis High men’s J.V. men’s basketball team defeated the Napa Indians in a 77 – 57 victory on Dec. 9 in its first home game of the season.

Davis won the opening tip. After a run of missed shots and rebounds on both sides, a shooting foul gave freshman Jack Hoal the opportunity to shoot two free throws.

The players took their positions along the key. Hoal got ready, bounced the ball, took aim, shot and missed the first, but made his second shot, scoring the first point of the game.

Davis continued to play strong and stayed in the lead for the majority of the game. Napa rarely pulled ahead, and when they did their leads did not last long.

“We played a lot better this game. We were more organized,” sophomore Peter DeBello said.

“We’re going to play defense like our hair’s on fire,” coach Mike Leahly said.

Near end of the first period, with one second left on the clock, Napa made two free throws, bringing the score to 10-10.

Starting off the second period, a pass from halfway across the court allowed the Indians to score a two point lead, but Davis tied up the game in the next play.

“Our system’s all about teamwork,” sophomore Jiwan Kim said. “They [Napa] couldn’t really handle the ball, and our press was good”

Napa took the lead once more in the third period, pulling ahead 44-45, but the Devils came back with two successive free throws.

“I’m seeing improvement every day. This is the most positive group of guys I’ve ever been with,” Leahly said.

“It’s still early in the season and we’ve gotten to know each other a lot better. We’ve got better team chemistry,” DeBello said.

“This was our best game so far” Kim said. “I feel like every game we’re getting better.”

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