Super storm affected few student’s commute to school

The parking area near the O buildings was flooded on Dec. 11
The parking area near the O buildings was flooded on Dec. 11

By Katrina Sturm, Staff–

Despite expectations of problems because of the storm for out-of-district and rural students, there were actually few people that experienced issues on their way to Davis High, Da Vinci High or any of the Davis junior high schools on Dec. 11.

Senior Dean Boswell, who lives off County Road 98, had no issues getting to school, despite the fact that one of the roads on his route to school sometimes floods.

“[The rain] made me happy because there is snow in the mountains now,” Boswell said, “[I] only [have issues getting to school] if the roads are closed.”

Sophomore Graciela Serratos also lives off County Road 98. Sporting brand new gray rain boots and a tan rain jacket, Serratos was decked out and ready for a downpour that never came. Her drive to school was uneventful.

Although Serratos’ commute was not affected on Thursday, she has had problems with the rain and getting to school in the past.

“I don’t have that many issues with the rain during [most of] the year but it becomes a problem if it rains for more than a day or so,” Serratos said.

On the other hand, the high winds that accompanied the rain prevented at some student from getting to school. Freshman Emily Tapio, coming from Sacramento, didn’t even attempt to go to Harper Junior High.

“The wind over the causeway was too dangerous and we didn’t want to risk an accident,” Tapio said “There is usually traffic in the rain and I have to leave 10 minutes early, [but] the rain didn’t affect me today, [it was the wind].”

Although the impact of Thursday’s rain was much less than anticipated, weather conditions did factor into some students ability to get to class.

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