Messiah Concert includes DHS musicians

Different DHS music groups perform at the annual Messiah Concert on Sunday, Dec 21.
Different DHS music groups perform at the annual Messiah Concert on Sunday, Dec 21.
By Annabelle Zhou, Staff–

Davis High students from the choir and orchestra programs performed in the annual Messiah Concert at Davis Community Church on Dec. 21.

Music from Handel’s Messiah was performed by the orchestra and choir, which consisted of DHS students, the Davis Chorale and others invited by the event coordinator.

There were four adult soloists in the choir and five conductors that rotated throughout the songs.
The church was filled with people who sat in their respective vocal range section of the room–bass, alto, tenor and soprano. They joined the performers in choral song while reading lyrics from a book.

About a dozen musicians from the Madrigals, Symphony Orchestra and Baroque Ensemble were selected by orchestra conductor Angelo Moreno and choir director William Zinn.

Moreno played with the orchestra instead of conducting, while Zinn was not present.
Having adequate time for the hours of practice sessions in preparation for this concert was a requirement to participate.

“The performance went pretty well considering we only had one week to learn the orchestra part,” violinist and sophomore Rebecca Chang said.

An extended applause was given to appreciate the result of so much talent and effort put in.

“I think the performance was okay but there was this mosquito that tried to kill me,” violinist and sophomore Ivy Zhou said.

The concert is a tradition for the church but the Davis High orchestras and choirs in it are not the same every year. Last year, only members of the Baroque Ensemble were selected for the orchestra.

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