J.V. men’s basketball loses to Elk Grove in overtime

By Leila Roberts,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–
Davis High men’s J.V. basketball team ended their first game of the new year with a loss of 70-75 against Elk Grove,on Wednesday Jan. 7. The game went to an overtime period of four extra minutes after the teams were tied at 56 points.
“It was a heartbreaker,” sophomore starter Greg Silver said after the game.
After having the lead for most of the game with sophomore Trevor Hewitt leading the Devils in scoring with 14 points in the game, Davis’ head coach Mike Leahy said that Elk Grove had a good comeback, and that Davis did not play as well as they could have.
“You learn something new every game, and each game has to be our best. We just have to raise or level because every team in our division is tough,” Leahy said.
Leahy has a fast paced substitution strategy where a new group of five players come in every few minutes. “The strategy is to wear teams down and our players stay fresh,” Leahy said.
“When you’re put into the game, you have to go in at 140 percent because you’re only in for a short time,” Silver said about the substitution method.
“At times, it works when the other team is tired, however, at other times we lose momentum during the game,” sophomore Ediz Kalkan said.
Silver said that the team needed to keep up good energy and keep things going during the game, but fell a little flat against Elk Grove, especially when they started to take the lead late in the fourth quarter.
“It’s important to remain positive, trust each other and play hard every game,” Leahy said about the rest of the season. “I’m excited because I think this team has a lot of potential and we haven’t seen their best games yet.”

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