Preseason conditioning begins for spring sports

By Kailey Smith, Staff–

The spring sport season at Davis High is underway with many sports beginning their preseason workouts now, at least a month before tryouts start.

Sophomore women’s  lacrosse player Carolina Leshuk stressed the importance of preseason.

“The main reason for that is that is that being in shape can be an advantage in tryouts. Once the team is formed it is also an advantage for us as a whole to start off the season with well-conditioned players,” Leshuk said.

Other players agreed, sophomore and baseball player Sam Goidell said “preseason conditioning is important because it helps the team get ready for the season ahead.”

The teams widely vary day to day and from sport to sport.

“At conditioning we do a lot of cross training including agility, strength and running. Our coach Jenn Morris also tries to make the training “sport specific” so we end up doing…exercises that build the muscles we use most in lacrosse,” said Leshuk.

Track and field sophomore Fox Connor talked about the track team’s workouts not only using running but also the weight room to stay fit and build leg muscle.

Sophomore women’s lacrosse player Darby Maguire believes that preseason will also give her a competitive edge in tryouts.

“It will definitely give me an edge on the people who don’t do it. The more fit you are going into the season, the better chances you have of reaching your goals,” Maguire said.

Even for sports like track and field preseason can determine your place.

“Track is a no try out sport but it is necessary [to do conditioning] if you want to be on varsity,” Connor said.

“It [preseason] does give players an edge in tryouts if they participate in preseason conditioning because if they are not in shape when they tryout, they must focus on keeping up with the pace rather than displaying their skill,” Leshuk said.

“[The bottom-line is] no one wants a slowpoke when it’s tied in overtime and [the] section title is on the line,” Maguire said.

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  • January 16, 2015 at 7:42 AM

    Good to hear– there’s no doubt that everyone is eagerly awaiting the upcoming season.

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