Dark lipstick trend growing

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
Courtesy photo via Wikimedia Commons.

By Kailey Smith,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

UGGs, sweaters, leggings, pumpkin spice lattes and dark lips are all staples for this winter season.

Junior Dchenin Moreno is a big fan of the trends and often sports a dark lip with her regular outfit choices.

“It makes me feel good; I like it,” she said.

The junior recently found out that MAC, a prominent and quality lipstick retailer doesn’t carry any black lipstick, and was disappointed.

The head manager at the MAC counter in the Solano Mall, Krystina, who would not give her last name, said that when it comes to choosing a dark lipstick it is more about the clothes that you pair the lipstick with, and less about your skin tone.

“A dark lip looks good on everyone; it doesn’t depend on your skin tone,” she said.

Her staff members were a good example of this; they were all rocking dark lipstick as they bustled around the sleek black counters filled with makeup supplies. They all had varied skin tones and were all able to pull off the dark lip look.

Many students said that they were willing to try a dark lip if they knew how to apply it and style it.

“I think it’s cool and if you like it, go for it,” sophomore Annika Streeb said. “I might try it for a special occasion or maybe Halloween.”

“I would try it but I’m not sure I could pull it off,” sophomore Esther Wang said. Sophomore Kianna Vargas agreed, saying, “I don’t think I look good in dark lipstick.”

Krystina gave some pointers on correctly wearing a dark lipstick.

When it comes to your face makeup, it is important to stay away from blush and instead lean towards a bronzer to give you a glow. A bright cheek, she said, just fights with a dark lip for attention. She also said to use a softer eye, staying away from the eyeliner and sticking with just mascara.

When it comes to applying the lip color, she strayed from the common advice of using lip liner and then lipstick. Krystina recommended applying dark lipstick first, and then cleaning it up with the liner, using a lip brush for the application to keep a sharp, bold look.

According to the manager, some of MAC’s most popular lip lacquers this season are Nightmoth, Cyber, Rebel, Living Legend, Sin and Viva Glam 1.

This trend is being seen from the red carpet, to high fashion runways, to young fashion moguls such as Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez and Rihanna who can be seen pulling off a dark lip on any given day.

According to Glamour.com’s makeup pro Melanie Inglessis, you should “keep your look simple; play up only one feature at a time.”

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