Jazz Choir performs final Cabaret show

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Davis High Jazz Choir performed their final Cabaret show of the year on Feb. 10.

By Ellen Finn,
Bluedevilhub.com Editor–

The Davis High Jazz Choir performed their final Cabaret show of the year on Feb. 10 to showcase their snazzy singing and dancing as well as raise money for their trip to New Orleans. This is Jazz Choir’s twenty-seventh annual dinner and eighth stand-alone show.

 The group performed six pieces as a whole and various other pieces in small groups or as solos.  They sang classics like Orange Colored Sky and contemporaries such as Stay with Me by Sam Smith and Riptide by Vance Joy.  The group was accompanied by a student jazz combo, which played throughout and in between Jazz Choir pieces.

 Act One began with jazzy, jolly pieces but then transitioned to slower, tear-jerking tunes at the end.  Junior Jordyn Fahey and Senior Katie Krasnansky performed a duet of For Good from the musical Wicked.  The Cabaret performance was Fahey’s first time performing virtually alone.

 “I was really nervous at first,” Fahey said.  “I chose the piece myself and just desperately didn’t want to mess up!”

 Fahey said that one of the hardest parts of putting on this performance was the time commitment.  During tech week, the musical group spent four hours at Emerson each day after school.  However, she said it was all worth it and plans to continue with the group next year.

 “I really love our piece Rock This Town.  It’s super fun to dance to,” Fahey said.

 The ensemble had a few setbacks along the way in preparation for the performance.  Their main choreographer was unable to attend many of Jazz Choir rehearsals, causing the group choreography leaders to gain more responsibility.

 Senior Cole Yambrovich, a choreographer and singer for the choir, said that the added challenge only made him more proud of their performance.

 “We had to create all of the movements and blocking, which added a lot of responsibility,” Yambrovich said. “But I feel like that gave me a lot of great experience.  I think we have a lot of talent and I was glad that I could help showcase it.”

 Director William Zinn agrees, adding that the student participation and enthusiasm made the show stand out.

 “Every concert has its own character…this year the energy and choreography collaboration defined it,” Zinn said.  “It brought a positive spirit, making it a total treat to be a part of this show.”

 Senior soloist Shannon Mo added that since there were colds spreading around campus it was a challenge to keep her voice healthy, especially for her stripped down vocals in I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith.

 Senior choir member Abby Shade agrees that although the group had to hastily choreograph their pieces and fight illness, putting their show together quickly and determinedly made them a tighter group.

 “This show had a few more glitches but it was so much more relaxed, fun, and enthusiastic,”  Shade said.

 Shade said that the best part about the Cabaret Show, and Jazz Choir in general, is to be with friends and make “musical magic.”


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