JV women’s basketball forces near-shutout against Grant

Sophomore Delaney Davis scores a free throw in the Lady Blue Devils' 52-7 victory over Grant.
Sophomore Delaney Davis scores a free throw in the Lady Blue Devils’ 52-7 victory over Grant.

By Laura Bock,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

The Davis High JV women’s basketball team won 52-7 against Grant on Friday, Feb. 13.

Grant won possession of the ball at the beginning of the game, but Davis quickly took it back, and continued to keep possession of the ball throughout the first half.

In the third quarter, the teams were more aggressive and possession changed frequently. At the end of the period, sophomore Tiffany Miras made a basket with 3 seconds to spare, getting the Lady Blue Devils to 48 points.

The fourth quarter was slower going, and Davis took several minutes to get a shot. Grant’s defense was stronger, but the Lady Blue Devils still got two baskets–Grant got one–before the game ended.

According to coach Brett Anderson, Davis had played Grant a month ago and had won by 21 points, but had a bad game,  “so for tonight to be really a 180 of [that game] was our mission going in.”

Anderson said that the team was expecting Grant’s defense to be “really strong, but [instead] the tempo was slow, it was kinda awkward, it was quiet […] it was definitely a different game than last time.”

Miras said that they had expected Grant to be very “aggressive,” and because of that the team had mentally prepared for the game. Miras said the shining moment of the game was “starting off strong and finishing strong.”

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