Women’s varsity basketball dominates Lodi in first section playoff

The Blue Devils rally together before the start of the second half. The score at the end of second quarter was  50-27, with the Blue Devils ahead.
The Blue Devils rally together before the start of the second half. The score at the end of second quarter was 50-27, with the Blue Devils ahead.

By Linda Su,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

The Davis High women’s varsity basketball team defeated the Lodi Flames 85-34 during the first section playoff on Feb. 24.

The stands were filled with spectators cheering and clapping as soon as the game started. The DHS Pep Band was also in the stands to show support for the Blue Devils.

Within the first few minutes, points were scored back and forth between DHS and Lodi, with the Blue Devils slowly pulling ahead later in the quarter.

Senior Caitlin Mazzeoleni scored a basket from the three-point-range and sophomore Alyssa Lengtat made two free throws. Toward the end of the first quarter, senior Emma Stenz made two free throws followed by a three-point shot by senior Sarah Bloise.

The first quarter ended with the Blue Devils up 30-16.

The Blue Devils remained focused during the second quarter and continued to show strong defense. Players went for rebounds consistently, and according to coach Heather Highshoe, she is proud of how the team played.

“I was really pleased with their rebounding efforts, ball movement, pressure and keeping up with the momentum,” Highshoe said.

The Blue Devils pulled further ahead of the Flames, 50-27, by the end of the second quarter.

Although Lodi scored the first basket in the second half of the game, Stenz scored a three-point shot for the Blue Devils, which was followed by another three-point shot by senior Katie Grahn. The Blue Devils showed individual determination and coordination between players.

The third quarter ended with the Blue Devils ahead 77-31.

During the fourth quarter, the Blue Devils continued to play with vigor and improve defense. They secured their win 85-34.

According to Highshoe, she is pleased that the team stayed together and did not lose energy.

“Coming out and playing hard the entire game that’s been something we have been trying to stress all year long and finishing out the game all four quarters strong,” Highshoe said.

Grahn agrees that the she and her teammates were successful at “keeping our foot on the gas” throughout the game, as it is something the team has been working on.

“We have been struggling with being consistent throughout the game, and I thought that we did a good job keeping up the intensity even though the game got a little out of hand,” Grahn said.

Highshoe said that the team will focus on continuing to “stay together throughout the entire game” and will need “good ball movement, good ball pressure, defense, and rebounding” for the game against Lincoln.

According to Grahn, she is excited and ready for the playoff games to continue.

“I am glad that our season is not over because now it’s win or go home. We are excited to see Lincoln it should be a good game because we are pretty evenly matched, so we are excited to play them,” Grahn said.

The Blue Devils take on Lincoln High School on Feb.26.

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