REVIEW: Blaze Pizza fires up competition in Davis

Meat Eater is one of the eight signature pizzas Blaze  Pizza offers.
Meat Eater is one of the eight signature pizzas Blaze Pizza offers.

By Sam Eaton, Staff–

This picnic day I ventured downtown, weaving my way past the police and intoxicated college students to review the newly opened Blaze Pizza. Upon arrival I immediately noticed a stark difference in customers between Blaze Pizza and their competitor Firehouse Subs. I attributed this contrast in popularity to Blaze’s free pizza promotion on Friday, which captured every Davisite’s attention.

There was not a line when I arrived though soon after hungry masses materialized behind me. The setup was similar to Chipotle, where you essentially create your meal by moving down the line adding ingredients. I ordered the Meatlover’s Pizza in an attempt to deviate from my normal cheese routine. The pizza consisted of pepperoni, sausage, and onion on top of a thin crust, cooked to near perfection in their wood fire oven. I really enjoyed the variety that the thin crust provided, separating itself from the other thirteen pizzas in Davis. Blaze Pizza has finally satisfied my craving for thin crust pizza in Davis, as thin crust remains a rarity. The staff and ambience at Blaze Pizza were both equally pleasant, positively adding to my enjoyable experience.

As I expected, I really enjoyed the pizza warm, though to conduct a proper review, I took a few slices home to eat cold. The Meatlover’s Pizza was still delicious cold, though I didn’t particularly enjoy the cold onions. But ordering a more basic pizza like cheese or pepperoni could solve that problem. Cold pizza continues to be my favorite way of consuming pizza, and Blaze Pizza’s success cold has me excited.

Blaze Pizza will definitely impact other downtown restaurants, because of its quick and delicious final product. Efficient and friendly, Blaze Pizza has already won a spot in my heart and I will be returning soon.

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