Students travel to Six Flags for Physics Day

By Riley Donahue and Aydan Prime Staff–

Students in the physics classes took a trip to Six Flags amusement park on Friday, May 15 to enjoy real life examples of the science that they had been learning about the whole year.

Senior Louis Pak enjoyed the chance to take a break from school while still learning about physics.

“The goal of the field trip [was] to have us relate fun roller coasters to physics,” Pak said. “It really forced us to apply the basic physics we learned in class to our roller coaster experience. Some rides were gravitational and some were rotational which was pretty cool to think about.”

Senior John Paul Leigh was also glad to get a chance to experience the physics lessons in a real life setting.

“I definitely had a lot of fun on the trip but it was nice to see the things we learned in class in kind of a tangible setting. It’s cool getting to experience certain aspects of physics rather than just reading about them in a book.”

Medusa was the obvious favorite ride for many students including juniors Brady Corcoran and Ben Simmons, who used it as an opportunity to take photos for the popular Twitter page “@DHSBananas.”

“My favorite roller coaster is definitely Medusa,” Simmons said. “[And] my favorite part of the trip was when Brady ate a banana on the roller coaster.”

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