Women’s tennis smashes Pioneer 6-3

Junior Amy Fang gets ready for a serve in the Blue Devils’ 6-3 win against Pioneer.
Junior Amy Fang gets ready for a serve in the Blue Devils’ 6-3 win against Pioneer.

By Roland Li,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

In its second match of the season, the Davis High women’s varsity tennis team won 6-3 against the visiting Pioneer Patriots on Wednesday, Sept. 2.

Since the game was a non-league match, coach Sally Hosley decided to mix up the ladder a bit to give the more inexperienced players on the team a chance to gain experience.

“We did quite well, it was nice to get some of the gals on the lower end of the ladder able to play some doubles today,” Hosley said.

All three losses of the match were played out to three sets. Playing at No. 4 singles, sophomore Amy Fang lost to her opponent 6-3, 4-6 and 10-12 in the third set.

“I kind of lost focus towards the end, but it was really close game,” Fang said. “I feel like she had more momentum going into the third set.”

Despite the losses, dominant wins came from No. 1 singles player Tatiana Pellow and No. 3 singles player Katherine Murdoch, with both seniors winning 6-0, 6-0 against their opponents.

But despite her 6-2, 6-4 victory, No. 2 singles player Angela Donahue was not pleased with her own playing or with her Patriot opponent.

“I did not do the best. I did pretty bad,” the senior said. “She tried to cheat points off of me, she had ball calls and she hooked me a couple times.”

As a result of changing the ladder specifically for this match, team captain Lauren Duan did not play, but the junior sees this win as a good start for a league title.

“We will do as well as we did in prior years or better hopefully,” Duan said. “We do have a lot of new strong players coming in from other schools or coming from junior highs.”

Hosley agrees with Duan. 

“I think we don’t want to be overly cocky or overly confident,” Hosley said. “I think it is kind of a process, each match makes us stronger.”

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