Men’s water polo floats by Mustangs in 15-0 win

By Julia Curtis, Staff–

The Davis High men’s water polo team didn’t have to do much more than tread water in its 15-0 win over Monterey Trail on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

The first quarter ended with Davis leading by 10 goals, so coach Tracy Stapleton had to create some rules for his team to make the game more fair and keep the players on their toes. The team could only shoot with its left hands, with the exception of newcomer senior Brady Corcoran who could shoot with either hand.

“It was fun. It’s my first year playing and I got a hat trick. Those are the first three goals I’ve ever scored,” Corcoran said.

“[Corcoran] was our MVP,” sophomore Sam Murphy said of the team captain.

Although Corcoran scored multiple times, there were five others who scored throughout the game, including junior Nate Burmas, who put away an impressive six goals.

Even though the game did not pose a challenge for the team, DHS is looking forward to playing tougher teams in upcoming games and tournaments.

“Our league is kind of interesting because there are only four teams within our league. They just aren’t very strong. We tend to look at other things and play non-league opponents, so we make sure we schedule the really strong teams that are in our section,” Stapleton explained.

“We know at playoff time those are the teams we are going to see in the quarterfinal and if we make it to the next level and so on,” he added.

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