HOMECOMING: New members of Student Government bring fresh ideas

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By Juliet Sanders,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Student Government is hard at work trying to make Davis High a better school in any way they can, and Homecoming is no exception. This year, Student Government faces a new challenge: how will a class with a majority of new student officers and a new adviser get everything done?

“There is so much to plan far in advance for,” adviser Anthony Vasquez said, “from getting things approved with the city, to getting contracts with the vendors, to getting things on track with the school board, to getting committees organized, and that doesn’t even cover the day-to-day agendas.”

Student Government has its hands full with a dance, parade, rally, halftime show and a week’s worth of spirit days to plan.

“People have really stepped up,” Vasquez said. “I have a good core group that I’m relying on to teach me how things go.”

This group is mainly composed of the experienced leaders on the Executive Board, headed by ASB President senior Teddy Knox.

“Since Mr. Vasquez is so new, he’s contributed a lot of new ideas to the class. It’s like a different vibe than [former adviser Eric Morgan], which isn’t bad, but it’s different and great for the class since it’s such a new group of people,” Junior Class President Arzoo Manandhar said. “Everyone in the class is diverse and different.”

The junior class officers agree that Vasquez and all the new Student Government officers haven’t hindered the process at all; rather, they have helped generate new ideas that the class hopes to use in this year’s Homecoming.

According to Manandhar, all the new officers have great attitudes and are excited to learn, which makes the preparations for Homecoming week easier and more fun.

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