HOMECOMING: Win or purchase tank tops all week

Homecoming t-shirts can be bought ($7 with ASB card, $10 without) and won all week.
Homecoming tank tops can be purchased ($7 with ASB card, $10 without) and won all week. (Courtesy photo: I. Pierce)

By Stephanie Chang,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

Homecoming week is here! To stir up spirit, Homecoming tank tops are being sold all week in the finance office, along with tickets to the dance.

The tank tops can also be won during the lunch activities this week, and will also be thrown out during the rally on Monday, Oct. 5 and during the football game on Friday, Oct. 9, so everyone has a chance to get them for free. In addition, members of Student Government will be selling them by the bleachers throughout the game.

Senior and Student Government member Isolde Pierce is the designer of this year’s shirt, which includes the theme of this year’s event: “Davis HiTunes.”

“We had a difficult time figuring out what to name the Homecoming this year because we didn’t want it to simply be ‘Music Genres Homecoming,’ ” Pierce said. “I thought of the name ‘Davis HiTunes Homecoming’ because it reminded me of iTunes and that had a lot of to do with music genres. For the design, I was actually sitting in my AP Government class, drawing it in my notebook and thought of the whole thing.”

Student Government adviser Anthony Vasquez said Pierce “submitted the most professional and polished [design] […] working with our ideas on music genres and styles.”

The tank tops also give students a reason to come out to events and make them more involved in their school, while displaying student art.

Student Government also keep copies of past years’ t-shirts in the classroom. Previous theme names include “Mythological Madness,” “Hogwarts Homecoming” and “Devils through the Decades.”

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