Senior Chris Marelich is an active member of the Davis community, both on and off campus.
Senior Chris Marelich is an active member of the Davis community, both on and off campus.

By Dylan Lee,
Social Media Editor-in-Chief–

Senior Chris Marelich has worn many hats over his high school years, both literally and figuratively. Truly a modern-day Renaissance man, Marelich is a fashionista, gardener, athlete, avid cook and Global Glimpse ambassador. He has lived in Davis since he was born, but represents diversity even in his heritage, which he identifies as Chinese, Native Hawaiian, Italian, Japanese, French and English.

Marelich was a soccer player for 14 years, and played for Davis Legacy, various youth teams and the Davis High varsity squad. This year, he decided to turn the tables and coach a youth soccer team; he is now the assistant coach of the Red Phoenix, a girl’s under-10 youth soccer team, and takes immense pride in his team’s ability.

“I am really happy to be helping out with the team,” he said. “I love being out there and knowing that I am at least doing my best to get young kids to have a passion for soccer while also being a leader.”

Many professional and amateur players alike find the transition from playing to coaching to be unexpectedly difficult. But for Marelich, it has been surprisingly smooth.

“It’s a different experience, because I played for so long, but I find it easy because I can reflect on what coaching worked on me and then use that,” he said.

Marelich is sharp on the pitch, but he is known around campus and Davis as an even sharper dresser. With all of the activities and worries that often plague DHS students, many find it difficult to put together truly impressive outfits daily, but Marelich always finds time.

“Some staples of my wardrobe include my Rick Owens bomber jacket and my Louis Vuitton shoes,” he said. “Trust me, those were hard to get ahold of. I’m really looking forward to Balmain’s spring line.”

Marelich tries never to overdress, and he also knows when to mix in some Davis classics such as his “DHS Blue Crew” or “Class of 2016” shirts to provide a wide variance in his attire.

To go with his colorful fashion taste, Marelich has a bit of a green thumb. In his backyard, he has six planter boxes in which he grows a cornucopia of different vegetables and plants, including bell peppers, tomatoes, roses and lavender.

His growing appreciation for gardening stems from his desire to have the freshest possible ingredients in the kitchen–Marelich also dabbles in the culinary arts, an activity that began out of convenience but quickly evolved into a hobby. Because Marelich was often at home alone and was able to choose his own food much of the time, his mental cookbook expanded.

“Getting into the kitchen is where I can find my peace,” Marelich said. “Whipping vittles is something that I got to do a lot because I was at home, but now I think I’ve started to get pretty darn good. My best dish has got to be my sesame chicken or hummus.”

Marelich also went to Nicaragua this past summer as part of the Global Glimpse program, and enjoyed himself so much that he chose to become a Global Glimpse Ambassador for the upcoming school year.

“I had such a great time in Nicaragua teaching and spending time with the kids that I wanted to help out with the program even more this year,” he said. “I got pretty close with some of the kids down there, and that is one of the factors that led me to start coaching this year as well.”

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  • October 4, 2015 at 11:46 AM

    Chris Marelich bring great honor to the Hunan U family. He has been esteemed Hunan apprentice for 3 year now and I am much pleased to see he is making a positive difference in Davis community.

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