HOMECOMING: A look at past celebrations

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By Maddie Spangler,
Bluedevilhub.com Staff–

At Homecoming circa 1988, students of Davis High milled around in their acid wash jeans and over-sized sweater, blaring “Sweet Child o’ Mine” from their car radios while waiting in anticipation for the Homecoming festivities to begin.

“Class competitions” pitted sophomores, juniors and seniors against each other in skits at a night rally, parade floats, a chalk drawing competition on the quad and, of course, the Powderpuff game, which now takes place toward the end of the school year. But for ’80s girls, Powerpuff took center stage during Homecoming.

“The girls took the Powderpuff game very seriously; the seniors especially wanted bragging rights,” said Taylor Spangler, DHS graduate of ’89.

In 1988, the junior and senior classes tied for victory, with the juniors winning the skit competition with a performance of “Foothill Disco” and the chalk drawing competition. The seniors won the Powderpuff game and the float contest with a depiction of a “Devil’s Paradise.”

“The skits were great, everyone was laughing a lot,” Spangler recalled.

Of course, the football game was still the primary focus. The football team was particularly strong that year, and at the Homecoming game broke its three-year losing streak with a 29-6 win over the Foothill Mustangs.

Flash forward 20 years–although some traditions changed, many stayed the same. DHS graduate of ‘09 Julia Spangler was on the dance team and loved participating in Homecoming activities that current students also enjoy, like float building and dressing up on the spirit days.

“I really enjoyed performing at halftime with the dance team during the Homecoming game because everyone had so much school pride and spirit,” Spangler said.

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